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Your wild body

A guide to connecting with the seasons of your cycle.


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Just as the ocean has tides and the moon has phases,
your body has it's own cycle.

Your menstrual cycle is your source of magic and it's integral to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Your cycle is your compass, that always guides you towards wellness.


When tricky symptoms show up as PMS it's your bodies way of saying "Hey! Something ain't right over here!"

So often we're taught us to disregard our bodies wisdom

To ignore the signs that tell us when to slow down, when things aren't right and when to ask for help.

The seasons of your cycle offers you a language to understand your bodies needs, communicate your experience and live more aligned with your natural ebbs and flows.


I want a copy!

In this fun and informative zine you will;

  • Learn the four seasons of your cycle

  • Learn the wild-witchy archetypes of each season

  • Understand the gifts and challenges of each season

  • Learn to work with your creative power

  • Build awareness of your shifting fertility

The zine is for you if:

  • You have a cycle and a wild-witchy side!

  • You want a fun platform to dive deeper into cycle-awareness.

  • You are a teen, twenty-something, thirty-something, kid, parent, educator or care-giver.

This zine is not for you if:

  • You don't wish to learn about the energetic, seasonal, creative or spiritual dimensions of your menstrual cycle.  

  • You are looking for a technical or strictly scientific explanation of the menstrual cycle. 

A special note:

  • Language in the zine is intentionally gender-free offering every body a chance to learn about their cycle.

  • The images may or may not resonate for you - take a peek at the preview below.


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This zine is a guide to help deepen your relationship with your body and the earth, we hope it helps!

Gabrielle & Allie.


Gabrielle (she/her) is a cheeky Australian cabin-dwelling fertility educator living on Wabanaki territory in mid-coast Maine. She's behind the words.



Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 12.39.05

Allie (she/her) creates magic with her art from her home in the Pacific north-west.

She made this zine look so dang good!



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