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The Wild Carrot Project

Can Wild Carrot Seed be used for contraception? ​

Wild Carrot Daucus carota seed has a long history of use and it's anti-fertility action is popularly discussed amongst herbalists and midwives - but what do we really know about how Wild Carrot works?

Herbalist Mischa Schuler and I met over our combined love for and fascination with Wild Carrot.


In the past few years we have both seen Wild Carrot's actions and uses be speculated about.

We realised it was time to share what we knew.

And so, The Wild Carrot Project was born!

Mischa and I have over fifteen years of academic research and clinical experience working with Wild Carrot and we want to share all that knowledge with you.

Join us this September

This Fall we are offering a FREE WEBINAR SERIES set over three weeks and including;

1: What do we know about WCS and contraception?
2: Clinical perspectives on working with WCS.
3: Harvesting & medicine making with WCS.


If you are a herb-nerd (our hands are up), a holistic reproductive health practitioner or someone interested in natural approaches to fertility, you won't want to miss this one.

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