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Ready to connect with your cycle?

These free resources will help you get started.


What you'll receive:

1. Gather

Plant allies are powerful healers and tenders of our menstrual cycles.

In this e-book you'll meet four essential plant medicines

that support your cycle.

2. Cycle Wise

Most of us grow up without learning how our bodies work.

Which makes decisions about our reproductive health & fertility really tricky.

This e-book explains exactly how your cycle works - so you can make informed decisions for your body.

3. FAM Wise

Is FAM for you? 

FAM can be an extremely effective method for avoiding pregnancy - or achieving it.


This e-book answers all your questions about FAM and helps you decide whether it's right for you. 

4. Cycle Chart

You don't need fancy Apps  to understand how your body works.


Start tracking your cycles today with this super simple cycle chart.

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