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Reclaiming your deepest wisdom, a welcoming.

Your cycling body is a wonderful ally, that offers you an anchor to navigate your life.

Month after month, cycle after cycle, your body moves through it's own process of activity and rest, creativity and decay. This process holds key insights about your health and very closely resembles the cycles we see in nature.

Each season, or phase of your menstrual cycle, offers you a unique energy to work with.

These phases govern your mood, libido, fertility and energy.

Recognizing the shifts in each of these phases is called 'cycle awareness' and is, in essence, a practice of deep self-awareness, a way of understanding your emotions, hormones, intuition and creative potential.

Aligning your life with your cycle can be incredibly empowering and acts as an anti-dote to the messaging we grew up with, that says cycling bodies are difficult, uncomfortable and burdensome.

Observing the symptoms that shift throughout your cycle gives you clues to underlying imbalances occurring within your body. When you consider the patterns, the severity and frequency of your pre-menstrual tension you can work to provide your body with the support it needs to heal.

Having an understanding about how your body works also allows you to make informed decisions about your own health, fertility and contraception, giving you sovereignty over your reproductive choices.

It's my wish, to share the knowledge I didn't have growing up, the knowledge that took me the last fifteen years to find. The kind of knowledge that resonates deep in bones, and that helps me feel empowered in my sexuality, creativity and well-being.

And sharing all that, starts with you.


Please make yourself comfortable and explore the site.

In the coming months I'll be sharing;

  • resources and posts on how to reconnect with your cycling body,

  • herbal medicines and foods that help balance your cycle and

  • digging into the ways the current cultural mythology about your cycling body - doesn't serve you (and how to re-dream a new one).

If you wish to stay in touch the new moon newsletter is full of happenings, resources and articles and the full moon forum is a free monthly Q+A that gives us space to talk about our cycles, and the practices that nurture them.(you can sign up via the home page)

Wishing you warmth and wellness,

Gabrielle. Xx

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