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PMS? Your questions answered!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Over the past two weeks I've been collecting your questions regarding PMS.

Here are your top 10 questions - the 11th is a juicy bonus - and I've recorded answers to them live.

Have a listen:


If you're ready to dig deeper, to get to the bottom of your PMS symptoms and find supportive practices - The PMS MASTERCLASS is now available!


Here are your questions:

Q1. Does PMS always indicate that something isn't running smoothly in my body and needs to be addressed?

Q2. Do specific symptoms indicate specific imbalances?

Q3. Why do my boobs get sore often starting a week before my period, and

what can I do to mitigate this?

Q4. Why do I feel *so* exhausted right before my period? Even giving in to

the exhaustion and resting a lot, I need more sleep than any other time

during my cycle and even with the extra sleep, still feel incredibly low


Q5. If there was only one herb you could recommend to take right before and

during menstruation, what would it be, and in what form?


Ready to connect with the herbs, foods and practices that can help shift your PMS?



Q6. My question is around the diet/lifestyle/preventative things I can do to help reduce the frequency for my menstrual migraines both in that phase of my cycle and throughout my entire cycle?

Q7. What things may be mood boosting at the end of the cycle?

Q8. My question is how can we anticipate and prepare for highly variable symptoms? I don’t know what they are until they arrive! Or when, my cycle varies from 24-36 days!

Q9. I have endometriosis and am looking for acne support?

Q10. PMDD (Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) - anything apart from medications that can help? **In answering this questions medications were mentioned - incase you haven't met me yet - I'm a holistic reproductive health practitioner, not a doctor - if you have questions about SSRI's or other medications please see your medical doctor. **

Q11. What can I do for low libido during PMS?


I don't buy the narrative that having a period means having to suffer.

PMS isn't a curse - it's an opportunity to listen to our bodies needs and make changes that help us find our own balance.

If you have more questions about PMS - I'd love to hear from you.


If you want to get to the bottom of your PMS symptoms, find holistic support that works for your body and feel more aligned with your cycle your PMS Masterclass is here !!!

It's a synthesis of 12 years of study, research and practice in herbalism, reproductive education and wholesome nutrition and I've sifted out the mud so you just get the gold.


You can check it out here!

With warm wishes for a smooth cycle.

Gabs. x



I'm Gabrielle - a herbalist and fertility educator passionate about menstrual well-being and period power!

Send your thoughts to:

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