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PMS Masterclass

Having a period doesn't mean having to suffer.

Are you wondering if there's more to PMS than pain and discomfort?


Do you want to get down to the root-causes of PMS?


Are you curious about holistic PMS support but don’t know where to start?

I’m tired of the narrative that tells us periods mean pain, bloating and mood swings.


When the truth is PMS isn't a curse - it's an opportunity for you to hear your bodies needs and make changes that support your cycles.

The PMS Masterclass helps you reconnect with your needs, understand cyclical imbalance and uncover the herbs, foods and practices that nurture and restore your cycle.

PMS-free periods? It's possible. 



The PMS Master class is a self-paced deep dive into PMS.


It uncovers what PMS is, why it happens and helps you find the holistic support that’s right for your body.


What’s inside?

  • 3 self-paced video lessons (1.5hrs)

  • PMS Masterclass presentation slides

  • PMS Workbook

  • PMS Resource list

  • PMS Cheat Sheet

What topics are covered?


Part one: Your PMS 'need to knows'

  • What PMS is, how it works, your unique PMS pattern and why the pill can't fix PMS.


Part two: Herbal and nutritional support to assist with:

  • PMS mood swings, food cravings, bloating, gas, digestive imbalances, insomnia, acne, cramps, pain, exhaustion, swelling, and breast pain.

Who is this class for?


It's for you if;


  • You’re tired of putting up with PMS.

  • You want to know if there’s more to PMS support than taking the pill or pain killers. 

  • You want to dig deep and understand the root causes of PMS.

  • You’re ready to learn how herbal medicines, nourishing food and supportive practices can shift your PMS.

  • You want to live more connected to your cycle and with more awareness of your bodies needs.


It’s not for you if:


  • You aren’t interested in holistic support for managing PMS.

  • PMS doesn’t affect your life or the lives of your loved ones.

  • You already feel confident supporting your body through PMS. 

A note about inclusivity:


The language in the PMS masterclass is gender-free, allowing everyone who experiences PMS - or wants to learn about PMS - a welcoming place to learn. 


Please note that the reference list contains some gendered resources and articles.


The archetypes and illustrations may or may not resonate with or represent you - please check out the preview - and if you have questions please get in touch.


10% of proceeds donated to One Less Worry - Providing period products to those in need around mid-coast Maine. 


Gabrielle (she/her) is an Aussie herbalist and menstrual educator living on Wabanaki territory in mid-coast Maine.


She has12 years of training, study and practice in western herbalism, holistic nutrition and reproductive education. 



The PMS Masterclass is here to help you reconnect with your own needs, uncover the support that's right for your body and thrive!

If you have questions about the class - I'd love to hear from you.

Yours in PMS-power,



If you're not sure the PMS Masterclass is for you - hop to the blog where you'll find a PMS Q+A that gives you a good sense of the work I do.

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