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Healing the



We live in a patriarchal culture where inherited shame about our bodies, periods and our sexual selves runs deep. 

The stories we've inherited teach us to disregard our emotional and intuitive wisdom.

Heal your cycle, heal the earth.

Your menstrual cycle holds the key to your healing, creativity and wisdom. 

It's a guide that illuminates your path. 

When we move beyond the stories we've inherited and reconnect to the wisdom of our bodies, we can re-write the narrative for generations to come. 

An in-person outdoor circle in Hope, Maine.

We'll explore:

  • Breaking the taboo around menstruation.

  • Healing inherited body-shame.

  • The gifts and challenges of the four phases of your menstrual cycle.

  • 16 medicinal plants for menstrual cycle wellness and fertility - including breast, ovarian & pms health.

  • Techniques for tapping intuition and creativity. 

  • Nurturing your body with foods for cycle wellness.

  • Reconnecting with the many faces of the feminine.

Class outline


1. Healing menstruation

Winter / North / Water

  • Breaking the cultural taboo - healing shame around menstruation.

  • Accessing intuition.

  • Honoring menstruation and rest.

  • Herbs and foods to support menstruation.

Image by Allison Wopata

2. Reclaiming rites

Spring / East / Earth

  • Revisiting first menstruation as a rite of passage .

  • Reclaiming your “innocence” as sovereignty.

  • Grounding the energy of pre-ovulation without stifling creativity.

  • Herbs and foods for lymph and breasts.

Image by Nathan Lindahl

3. Channeling creativity

Summer / South / Fire

  • Ditching societies expectations and finding your joy.

  • Ovulation, creativity and sexual energy.

  • Working with erratic cycles.

  • Herbs and foods for ovulation and cycle regularity.

Image by Noah Silliman

4. Shedding your skin

Fall / West / Air

  • Reframing PMS - beyond the stereotype.

  • Working with your inner critic.

  • PMS as teacher: listening to your bodies needs.

  • Herbs and foods to ease PMS.

Image by Noah Buscher

5. Passing it on

Centre / Home / Body

  • How does your individual journey support the collective?

  • Shifting the narrative toward healing, inclusivity and empowerment.

  • Being a role model for the next generation. 

  • Developing a personal practice.

If you feel called to:​

  • Come into a deeper awareness of your menstrual cycle, it's importance and impact on your life.

  • Establish a connection with your own creativity and inner-wisdom.

  • Understand your bodies needs and gain the tools for effective self-care.

  • Create a materia medica of 16 herbal medicines and nurturing foods to support your menstrual cycle.

  • Reconnect with your feminine energy.

  • Engage with archetypes, active story telling and sharing in a supportive circle.

Join us.


Course dates:

10-4pm Sundays 2021

June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8, August 22.​


Sliding scale $550 - 650



$100 deposit is required to secure your place in the class.

Payment plans are available.

Payment must be made in full by August 1st. 



This is an in-person outdoor class series set on a private homestead in a beautiful field in Hope, Maine.

You must be comfortable being outside all day. A resilient attitude to ticks, mosquitos and bugs will be beneficial.

There is an out-door composting toilet.

There will be one class held at a public beach in mid-coast Maine.

Wet weather plan may require a change of location. 

COVID safety

The class will be conducted completely outdoors where social distancing can be maintained.

Mask wearing will be informed by latest CDC guidelines for outdoor gatherings.


Limited places


Space is limited to 13 participants only.

Minimum of 8 participants required for course to run. 



1. Who's holding this class series? 

Hi! I'm Gabrielle (she/her) - this series is a body of work based on my experience and training as a Herbalist and Reproductive Health educator. To learn more about my work, backstory and qualifications jump over here.


2. I'm dubious of 'gathering circles' how can I be sure this will be a supportive group?

I hear you, i'm often skeptical of 'healing circles' too, so here's a couple of things I'm committed to:

Heroine is a closed group and there will be a maximum of 13 participants.

In our first gathering we will form group guidelines to ensure group safety, comfort and confidentiality. 

Healing work can make us feel vulnerable, but we should never feel unsafe - inflammatory behavior will not be tolerated


​3. Can I do this online?

Nope. This is an in-person gathering, we will follow COVID precautions for gathering outdoors. 


4. What is the time commitment?

The course consists of: five in person sessions,10-4pm Sundays - June-August 2021. One 30minute 1:1call. Take-home suggestions for deepening your practice.

  • Total time: 30 in class hours plus minimum of 5 additional hours. 


5. What if I don’t have a regular menstrual cycle?

That’s okay. While the course will use the menstrual cycle as a framework, it’s not necessary for your cycle to be regular for you to engage in the work. 


6. I’m taking the pill or other hormonal birth control

You are welcome to take this course, however, you may get more from the course if you have a sense of what your naturally cycling body feels like.


7. Is this course inclusive to Trans and non-binary folks?

Yes, Trans, gender queer and non-binary folks are welcome to participate in this course - i've included some extra details here to help you decide whether this course is the best fit for you.

In full transparency please note:

  •  The framework for the course is based on your menstrual cycle.

  •  Folks will have space to share about their own personal experience with their body / femininity / menstrual cycle.

  •  Majority of my clients and students identify as straight-cis-women and I suspect most of the attendees for this course will do also.

  •  While I am working on greater inclusivity in my pelvic health care work, at present I neither have the lived experience or formal training in supporting gender expansive folks navigate their health.

  • I hope to be able to include more diverse perspectives in my work in the future by collaborating with Trans and Queer teachers.

  • If you have questions about whether this course would be nurturing for you please get in touch, I’d love to speak with you.

8. I have a daughter is this circle suitable for teens?

This course is designed for cycling adults 18+. Please stay in touch for teen offerings later in 2021.

9. I want to learn the science of my menstrual cycle is this the best class for me?

No, this class is designed to explore the emotional and energetic realms of your cycle and provide you with the tools for your own self care. If you want to learn about the physiology and science of your cycle join me for Body Basics - a course on your reproductive health. 

10. What are your COVID protocols?

The course will be held completely out of doors where social distancing can be maintained.

Be prepared to wear your mask - mask wearing will be informed by the latest CDC guidelines and the groups needs.

11. Will this course run again?

It's uncertain when / if this course will run again.

With uncertainty around COVID I'm taking advantage of the Maine summer to safely hold this series in person. 

Have questions about the course?
Get in touch!

Thanks for reaching out - I'll be in touch soon. 


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