Transform your relationship with your cycle. 


Week One

Sexual anatomy & vaginal health


Week Three

The energetics of your cycle


Week Five

Cycle charting & integration


Week Two

Hormones & contraception


Week Four

The Fertility Awareness Method


Week Six

 Cycle charting & closing circle

Body Basics helps women transform their relationship with their menstrual cycle and make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

You will learn:

  • How to chart your menstrual cycle.

  • How to recognize your own fertility signs and what they mean.

  • How to care for and connect with your sexual body.

  • How to tend your vaginal health.

  • How your hormones and menstrual cycle work.

  • How hormonal and non hormonal contraception works.

  • The energetic phases of each phase of your cycle and how to align your life with each phase.

  • How to use Fertility Awareness for birth control.

  • How to use Fertility Awareness to achieve pregnancy.

  • How to use Fertility Awareness to understand your hormones and wonky periods. 



  • 90mins of recorded classes each week.

  • 6 x 60min LIVE CALLS for charting & discussion.

  • Weekly resources & workbooks. 

  • Live group chart reviews. 

  • Six weeks of support.


You deserve to feel connected to your body, confident in your choices and empowered by
your cycle. 


Maya, QLD, Australia.

This course will help you understand how to work with your body instead of fighting against it.


I wish I had this sort of education as a teenager because it really empowers you to see the magic and wisdom of our bodies.

Namajala, NC, USA. 

The inner seasons week was a jewel for me.


It has reallly helped me cultivate the natural energy of my reproductive cycle, understand it and harness it in a way that mirrors the flows of nature.

Kacie, Maine, USA. 

I once thought of my body as totally unpredictable. Now I know I can chart and it will reveal answers.

Gabrielle is incredibly knowledgeable and her presentation of the material is beautifully laid out.


Body basics is such a great class!

What previous students say...


Class begins Tuesday April 19th, 2022

Registration ends midnight (USA EST) Sunday 10th April .

When you sign up by March 30th you also receive:


The PMS Masterclass 

An on-demand course that deep dives into your PMS Archetype and offers the food, herbs and support you need to get to the roots of PMS and heal your cycle!

Usually: US$89

FREE with your Body Basics sign-up!



Wild Body Zine


Fun, informative and empowering this beautifully illustrated Zine helps you connect with the four phases of your wild body. Mailed to you! 

Usually: US$15


FREE with your Body Basics sign-up!

Body Basics 6 week course
+ PMS Masterclass 
+ Wild Body Zine

= US$437.

YOU PAY:  US$333
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Reclaim the wisdom of your body.

Learn to trust your cycle, manage your fertility and have a satisfying sex life - - -
without hormonal birth control.