Build a relationship with your body, from the ground up.


Week One

Sexual anatomy and your vaginal microbiome. 


Week Two

Contraception and your hormonal physiology.


Week Three

The four energetic phases of your cycle.


Week Four

The Fertility Awareness Method.

Body Basics classes empower you to understand your own cycle and make choices that help you thrive.

If you're ready to;


  • Deepen your relationship with your body and your cycle. 

  • Understand the physical and energetic shifts in your cycle - and how to work with them.

  • Learn about your vaginal microbiome and how it supports reproductive health.

  • Be informed about how hormonal contraception works.

  • Recognize your own fertility signs and what they mean.

  • Get started with Fertility Awareness.

Join me this Fall!


Who is Body Basics for?​

Body Basics is designed to help you understand your cycling body better.

Who it's for:

  • If you want to feel informed and empowered about your menstrual cycle, learn the benefits of ovulation and understand how your vaginal health is essential to reproductive well-being.

  • If you are on the pill and considering transitioning off it.

  • If you want a deeper understanding of the power of the menstrual cycle.

Who it's not for:

  • If you have already moved beyond your cycling years, the content is focused on supporting cycles, and may not feel relevant for you.

  • If you are a teen or pre-teen just beginning to cycle - these classes may not meet your needs but stay tuned I'll be making something extra-special for you soon. 

  • If you are happy with your current contraceptive options and not looking to change.

  • If you already know and use the Fertility Awareness Method effectively and feel confident with your anatomy and physiology.

What's the time commitment?


Each week you will receive up to one hour in class material, a 30min live call as well as hand-outs, additional links and extra information.


How much time you spend reading and learning is up to you, but 1.5hrs per week is the suggested minimum to cover basic class content and webinars. 

All sessions will be recorded, so you can view in your own time. 

How do classes work?


You will receive four classes over four weeks. 

  • Each tuesday I'll send you the class material for that week, all classes will be pre-recorded so you can learn in your own time.

  • Each thursday there will be a 30min Live Call session with me where you are invited to participate and ask questions.

Live Calls will be recorded and sent out the following friday for anyone who couldn't make the live.



Simple, straightforward and empowering.

Body Basics takes the confusion out of periods, by walking you through your sexual anatomy, hormonal physiology and the magic of your menstrual cycle.

There are no pre-requisties for these classes and all the information will be delivered in a simple, enjoyable and accessible way.

Class descriptions:


EARTH BODY - Sexual anatomy and your vaginal microbiome

  • Do you know the difference between your vulva and vagina, cervix and clitoris?

  • Ever wondered why sex feel different at different times of your cycle?

  • Want to learn why your microbiome is important in managing yeast infections and BV?

  • Earth body is the introduction to your sexual body you always wished you had.

CYCLICAL BODY - Hormones and contraception 

  • How does hormonal birth control work and why does ovulation matter anyway?

  • Cyclical body gives you a grip on your hormones - so you can choose how to manage your own fertility.

  • I'll teach you my simple way to remember the parts of your cycle and why despite everything we've heard about periods, ovulation is actually the main event! 

SEASONAL BODY - Four phases of your cycle (and how to work with them)

  • Learn just how deeply your body reflects the changing seasons of the earth and come to understand the innate gifts and challenges of each phase of your cycle.

  • Understanding your seasonal body helps you live more aligned, understand your own needs and tap into your creativity.

WISE BODY - The Fertility Awareness Method

  • Wrap it altogether by learning how fertility awareness is the foundation for deep relationship building between you and your cyclical self.

  • Wise body helps you see how everything in your body is connected and how your cycle holds the key to your well-being. 

Class begins Tuesday October 20, 2020

Registration ends midnight (USA EST) Friday 16th October.

Class registration has now closed.


Cost: US$199


Course guarantee

Body Basics is my heart and soul work, and I want to make sure that it feels good to you too.

If after the first week of classes you find that Body Basics is not the right fit for you, you are eligible for a full refund, minus $25 administration fee, when you let me know by Sunday October 25th. 

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