Ready to connect with your cycle?

These resources will help you get started.

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Fertility Chart

Learning how to chart your cycle is empowering, but starting out can feel overwhelming. 


All you need is a blank chart, your cycle and a BBT thermometer.

Download your chart below.



Plant allies for your cycle

Plant allies are powerful healers and tenders of our menstrual cycles.

In this e-book you'll meet five essential plant allies

that support your cycle.

Download your e-book below.

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Cycle Awareness Class

Your menstrual cycle both reflects and affects every part of your life.

Cycle Awareness is a practice that helps you understand your bodies needs at every phase of your cycle. 

In this 30min class we explore:

  • The four phases of your menstrual cycle.

  • Why Cycle Awareness is the foundation for understanding cycle.

  • The difference between Fertility Awareness and Cycle Awareness.

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