Gabrielle Claire Jansen

Holistic support for healing your cycle.

I'm Gabrielle,

 a Western Herbalist, certified Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) educator and reproductive health advocate. 

I help you understand what your cycle is saying about your health, so you can heal and thrive.

Fertility Awareness, Cycle Wellness
and Western Herbalism

I am humbled to live on Wabanaki territory in beautiful mid-coast Maine where I offer 1:1 reproductive wellness consultations and teach classes on natural birth-control and holistic reproductive care.


"My work with Gabrielle has changed everything! I finally understand what my body is trying to tell me and how my cycle works. The menstrual cycle is such a beautiful process that I’d totally ignored up until this point in my life, and boy was I missing out!  Working with you is SO EMPOWERING!"


- Brianna, Maine

"My greatest appreciation is for Gabrielle's decidedly compassionate and personalized approach. Gabrielle is an excellent listener who ‘holds space’ with ease and allowed my lifestyle and therapeutic preferences to inform her recommendations. I believe I have a very skilled ally in my corner with Gabrielle."


- Deborah, Maine


Reclaiming your cycle is an invitation to feeling empowered in your body and fully informed about your reproductive choices.


I support your reproductive well-being by encouraging these practices in all of my work;


Self awareness: connecting with your body and hearing it’s wisdom.

Self trust: acknowledging your own experience as real and developing deep relationship with self.

Self love: letting go of harmful behaviors and making change.


My clinical practice is underpinned by the naturopathic principles on which I was first trained. My practice is holistic in nature and incorporates whole food nutrition, herbal medicines and lifestyle changes to bring your body back to balance.


I offer holistic support in the following areas;


  • Endometriosis, PCOS, pms, period pain, irregular or difficult cycles, infertility, UTIs & Yeast infections.

  • Menarche, pregnancy & peri-menopause. 

  • Natural birth control

  • Cyclical living

At this time consultations are available to anyone online via Zoom, and in person at my clinic in Rockland, Maine following COVID guidelines.




A 15 minute Connection Call offers us a chance to connect to find out if we’re a good fit to work together. During the call you can ask questions about your wellness goals, challenges and learn about my approach to healing – for free. 



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A free15minute Connection Call means you can ask me questions about working together and ensure we are a good fit. 

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